Travel Pass not working

I am in Portugal and I am not able to make a phone call to the U.S. even though all my Travel Pass settings are in order. It seems I have gone around in circles trying to contact Verizon - I did manage to send a text to them on a land line number which I was advised to call (how am I supposed to call it when I can't call?), for which they charged me $10 on that day, but I never got any response. This is the first time I've ever really needed to use Travel Pass, and at this point I am severely disappointed in it. Can anyone advise me how to resolve this problem?

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Re: Travel Pass not working
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We recognize the importance of having service while out of the country and we'll be happy to help. We'd like to ask a few questions to better assist you. Where in Portugal are you located? What message do you get when you try to call? Are you able to text and use data?~Christian