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I'm brand new to using an Andoid phone and am about to travel to Italy for 2 weeks.  Please advise how best to use my phone to check emails given Google sends daily emails to my phone.  Will I have to pay $10 a day on Travel Pass to check emails?   What about airplane mode?  Can I check emails in airplane mode to avoid the $10 Travel Pass daily charge?   I'm thinking I should only check emails when I have access to a hotel wifi but will the Travel Pass charge occur when I turn on the phone to connect to a wifi?  I'm very concerned I'm going to get hit with $140 ($10 x 14 days) in charges because I don't know how to use my phone prudently.

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Italy sounds like a wonderful time! I understand how important it is to keep in touch, as well as check email and other notifications on your phone, while you're away from home and outside the country. I can definitely assist you today. To clarify, if you're in Airplane Mode, you will be able to pick up WiFi and use data without any charges. Please keep in mind that if Airplane Mode is turned off at all, you will incur international charges. We offer Travel Pass, as well as monthly international plans, and "Pay As You Go" rates. The best option for you would depend on your usage. We have a great video that helps you get prepared for international use. It shows you how to estimate your usage, so you can decide which option is best for you. In addition, it gives you information on what to expect, as well as how to get your device ready for travel. Check it out at the following link, and don't forget to click on the "Trip Planner Tool" at the bottom of the page:;



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I was just in Aruba and didn't even know I had Travel Pass on my Iphone calling plan.  I turned off my roaming the instant I landed and only used WhatsApp with Wifi to send photos or emails/texts.  

I was charged for Travel Pass usage several times, when I never made a call on my phone.  I never texted except when I had WIFI.  WIFI does not work when in Airplane mode so I don't know why you guys are always telling people that it does.