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1.  Do I need to set up travel pass ahead of time or can I just activate it when I start using it in Italy? I know the 24 hour period starts when I use the phone. 

2. Does it matter if the calls I am making are within Italy or to the US?  I will be calling and receiving calls from my travel mates and people back home. 

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Set it up ahead of time. You won't be charged until you use it in an international location.

Re: Travel Pass
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I appreciate you taking the time to help out our fellow community members, rcschnoor. 


I know how important it is to fully understand how our Travel Pass works, LAF2000. Nobody wants to be charged for something when they are not using it, so I understand how you feel. Making sure you are all set for your trip is vital.


As rcschnoor mentioned, you can add the Travel Pass to your line before your trip. You are only charged when using the service while outside the USA. Once you add the Travel Pass, and are in Italy, any calls made or any service used will enable the Travel Pass session. It doesn't matter if the call is within Italy or to the USA. 


You can visit for complete details on how Travel Pass works. Under "General Information" you can select number 2 for steps on how you can add Travel Pass to your line. Keep in mind that if you are using multiple lines while in Italy, you need to add the Travel Pass to each line.



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