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I need a $130 credit for travel plans in Canada when I never set foot in Canada. The Canadian towers near secure set Marie errored in indicating that I was using my phone in Canada.

this has happened for the past four years. I have informed Verizon and you continue to bill me incorrectly!

reg carter

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Re: Travel plan
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This is not the billing department.  The community is primarily a customer populated forum.  

You need to call.

and if this is continuing problem, Verizon isn’t going to keep crediting you.  You need to disable roaming in your phones settings.


Re: Travel plan
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I visited, then moved to northern Vermont and frequently make visits that are close to the Canadian border.  I got text messages warning me that I was about to incur international charges (I had TravelPass).  Fortunately, after I moved, I changed my plan, to a Go Unlimited plan that includes text, talk and data in Canada.  I now don't have to worry about making sure my phone is in airplane mode, roaming off and cell data off when hitting a Canadian cell tower near the border.  If you were getting these text messages, then you should have been aware and taken steps to ensure you weren't incurring international charges.

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