TravelPass changed? Getting charged when not using the phone.
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My wife and I have had TravelPass enabled for years as we travel to Canada regularly.  Throughout this time, we've only been charged when actually using the phone in Canada.  In the last few months, we've had numerous TravelPass charges when in Canada even when not using the phone and not receiving any data, texts, or calls.  After chatting with Verizon, we were told the only way to truly prevent charges is to put the plane in Airplane Mode before crossing into Canada.  Since doing this, we've STILL been charged twice when the phone has been taken back out of Airplane Mode when back in the United States.  None of this makes much sense (especially since we've been using it for years without an issue) and I just had Verizon turn off TravelPass (even though we'd prefer to have it if it worked correctly).  I do understand things like data pushed to the phone in the background would cause TravelPass to initiate and charge us.

I'm mainly just curious if other TravelPass users have noticed any change in the last few months or have experiences being unexpectedly charged for it.  


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