TravelPass vs. $130.00 per month Plan?


  1. Wife and daughter visiting London 1 week, Italy 2 weeks, total 21 days.
  2. My wife will likely call Italy at least once from London and possibly calling London from Italy once.
  3. TravelPass will charge per/minute for the country to country calls.
  4. Assuming her iPhone apps will trigger the plan whether she initiates or not, TravelPass will add $210 to the monthly billing.
  5. However, it seems that a likely alternative Verizon plan is:

$130/mo/line, 250 minutes, 1000 SMS sent (received free), 2 GB data

Overages: Talk @ .35/min, Text @ .05/text sent and data @ $25/.5GB

  1. For her Verizon billing period Jul 26, 2019 to Aug 25, 2019 she only had a total of 132 talk minutes.

Given the above, it sure looks like it's hands down less expensive for her to use the one time $130/mo./line Verizon plan versus the Verizon TravelPass. Am I missing something a 'Gotcha'?



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