Traveling Internationally

I am traveling to Greece tomorrow. I do not want to use the TravelPass program, so I bought an eSim from Orange. I get 30GB of Data, Unlimited Texting and Unlimited calls to the US for $29 USD.

How can I make and receive free calls to/from the US using WiFi calling? Do I just need to disable Cellular Data for my primary line and set it to my eSim? What happens if I receive a call on my main Verizon number but I don't answer it and wait to return the call using WiFi calling? There shouldn't be any charges right?

I should also be able to use iMessage on my US number as long as I am routing Data to the secondary eSIM right?


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Re: Traveling Internationally
Customer Service Rep

Helo! Thank you for reaching out to us! We can definitely assist with your Wi-Fi Calling and answer your eSIM questions! We can add that free Wi-Fi Calling feature to your account, we'll just need access to the account. How does that sound?