Traveling to Jamaica

We are traveling to Jamaica next week. My phone doesn't have the World plan capability, and I'm not worried about phone calls. I just want to be able to use the phone for internet. My question is - should I remove the SIM card before I get to Jamaica? And if I do remove the SIM card, will the internet capability still work? The only reason that I ask is that, last year when we traveled to Mexico, my phone didn't work, but the internet did, which was fine, but when I returned home, the phone still didn't work and I ended up having to get a new SIM card. Just trying to avoid the hassle of replacing the SIM card again. TIA!

Re: Traveling to Jamaica
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TJWms, your trip to Jamaica sounds super exciting and I want to help ensure you're set up for success so you don't have any issues while away. I know it's important to stay connected while away from home. What make and model device do you have exactly? Just to confirm, without a SIM card you won't have access to any type of roaming mobile network (data connection) as the SIM card is the key to connecting to a network. Do you mean that you just want to be able to connect to Wi-Fi on your phone?


Replacing the SIM card should never be an issue, whether you leave it in the phone or not. Do you plan on using an international SIM card with an available wireless carrier in Jamaica?  



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