Unlimited India calling

I have two lines on my account who use more than 1000 minutes on a cycle and their bill is way less than their international minutes. 

Verizon has $10 and $15 plans which reduces the international calling prices but calls are not unlimited. 

Please have a feature like AT&T which allows lines to make unlimited international calls. I am sure Verizon has customer base who are willing to pay more for unlimited plans as I am.

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Re: Unlimited India calling
Customer Service Rep

alldrind, we always want you to have the best plan for your needs. We also are always open to feedback and do take it seriously. We will be sure to pass along this suggestion. We also recommend leaving this feedback on our website. You will see a "Feedback" tab along the right hand side at verizon.com. You an keep up to date on out international options here: https://www.verizon.com/solutions-and-services/international-long-distance-in-us/