Using Phone in France Without Triggering Travel Pass

We will be traveling to France this spring and have no need to communicate with anyone besides our daughter, who is living there for a semester.  We also don't need to surf the internet, etc...Just need the phone to communicate with her and take pictures. But we get SO many robo phone calls., and sometimes they leave vm.  How can we safely use our phone without triggering fees or Travel Pass?  Here is what I have read on older posts from 2017 or so...just looking for updates, if there are any:

1.  Put phones in airplane mode while out and about.  Take out of airplane mode while in Wifi area, ie, hotel room to use internet.

2.  Only use phones for calling apps (ie, What's App) while in Wifi situations.

3.  Make sure all apps are set on opening only while using Wifi, no data.


Re: Using Phone in France Without Triggering Travel Pass
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You don't need to take the phones out of Airplane mode to access a wifi signal. You can turn on the wifi radio manually while in Airplane mode.

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