Using WiFi internationally

Traveling from US to Canada, do I need a travel pass if I only use my phone when connected to WiFi?

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Re: Using WiFi internationally

That is always possible. Keep in mind if you are planning to use wifi while in hotels/coffe shops/etc..., these are not always the most stable connections to your device and your phone can sometimes use connection and attempt to fall back on a cellular connection. Just make sure your phone is in airplane mode and you then ONLY turn on wifi, that way the device cannot fall back on a cellular connection to complete whatever you were doing should you lose connection to the wifi signal.

Re: Using WiFi internationally
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We hope despite the service hiccup that you're, having a good time away in Canada, Hlpellet. We know that having a connection at all times is key. Let's make sure you're set up for success while in Canada. Our community member, Rcschnoor brought up some good points. Can you please share what plan you are currently on? To find out if you are not sure, you can always log in to My Verizon and use the International Trip Planner Does this information help? AliciaD_VZW

Re: Using WiFi internationally
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No, WiFi Calling should work fine without Travelpass if you’re on airplane mode (no cellular network).