Verizon Message Plus abroad

On a prepaid account and visiting France for many days so the $10 per day travel plan is not feasible.. Other international plans not available to my plan.

Using an iPhone with an international data e-sim and completely turning off my Verizon simm. Using Google Voice for calls.

I use iMessage but also have Verizon Message Plus installed on both iPhone and laptop. I want to maintain my real verizon number for texts so not using other services.

Now the question. Will I be charged (by Verizon) for non-apple sms texts sent or received when using Message + (with my real verizon number) over the data simm or on the hotel wifi?

Thank you for any insight.

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Re: Verizon Message Plus abroad
Customer Service Rep

Hello and thank you for reaching out to us with your concern.  We can completely understand your desire to  ensure you are not unknowingly getting charged for international use.  If you are using your device over Wi-Fi, Verizon does not charge  you.  You only get charged for use when you are using Verizon services. If you receive a text rom Verizon stating you are getting charged, I advise you to cease opening texts due to getting charged.