Verizon Samsung S5 doesn't recognize Claro sim card

When traveling to Cambodia, I purchased and inserted a sim card. No problem. Today, in Colombia, I bought and inserted Claro card. The phone continues to tell me that it is a non-Verizon sim, and it doesn't work.

Re: Verizon Samsung S5 doesn't recognize Claro sim card
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I’m sorry that you are having problems using an international SIM card in your phone while you’re in Colombia. This is never something we want to read about. Let’s see if we can figure this out. It is hard for us to say why it wouldn’t work, as you are trying to connect to a different carrier. When you purchased the international SIM card, what did that wireless carrier say to do to ensure that it would work on their network? Are you able to contact this wireless carrier to ask what can be done?




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