Verizon and Ethics - International Travel

My family switched to Verizon on Black Friday.  Since then, I have found out that I've been lied to on multiple occasions.  Has anyone else experienced issues with this?  I don't even know where to begin to explain all the issues I've had, but let's just focus on international.  When I was switching, I specially asked the rep about international coverage since I knew I'd be going to Europe in February.  I was given information regarding a monthly plan and the travel pass.  Today I went to sign up for the monthly plan only to be told I don't qualify for it since I've only been a customer for 2-1/2 months, not 90 days.  If I want to use my phone in Europe, I have to pay $10 per day.  Granted, they'll only charge me if I use the phone, but that means if I receive even 1 text, I'll be charged $10 for that day.  That better be an important text!

I'm just about ready to switch back to Sprint (where my international usage would be FREE), but I wanted to see if others have been experiencing the same questionable ethics and lies.


Re: Verizon and Ethics - International Travel

Use wifi calling for free.