Verizon home phone device loses feature to block numbers
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I am using Verizon's home phone device for our home "landline".  In the past, I've been able to block numbers to this line, but tonight I was informed by an agent that Verizon removed this feature for home phone devices.  It is still a feature for mobile devices.  This is ridiculous. 

Tonight's chat agent:  "I do apologize we are unable to block numbers on this home phone device. I tried to block it and i couldnt add the feature to block numbers. It wont let me, and I researched and this is normal for these devices.

I do see it was removed by the system on 05/01.

Doesnt say why in the notes, but from what I am seeing it should not have been allowed."

Me: "The feature to block numbers should never been allowed to happen?"

Agent: "Yes on our end, call blocking is not a feature allowed on the wireless home phones."

If any of you reading this are using the home phone device, please register your displeasure of this disallowed feature.

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