Verizon ruined my trip to Japan

I went on a trip to Japan last week and bought an international SIM card to use on my phone (I bought the phone on 8/24 so it should have been unlocked as of 10/24). When I got there on Sunday and tried to use it, I found out my phone was still locked, so I had to contact Verizon support to try to get it fixed. After at least an hour with support (dealing with the terrible chat function that makes it incredibly difficult to actually be connected to live help), I was told that it would be fixed in 24 hours.

So my first day in Japan was spent without any cell service, trying (and failing) to navigate the city, constantly getting lost (and destroying my feet in the process). Monday night I contacted support again, and was told it would be fixed in 2-3 days. I told them that this was unacceptable, so I was given an international travel pass to use for free.

Unfortunately, this service was TERRIBLE, I constantly did not have a connection, it was barely any better than having no service at all. Finally, after dealing with this for 3 days, on Thursday night I contacted Verizon support AGAIN. Luckily, I was connected to a competent employee who literally was able to fix the issue and unlock my phone in 30 seconds.

So to recap, I spent 5 out of 8 days of my vacation with no service, when my phone SHOULD have been unlocked automatically, when the issue was able to be resolved in 30 seconds when I actually found someone who wanted to make the minimal amount of effort to help their customer. (The people that said it would be fixed in 24 hours, and then in 2-3 days, made no effort whatsoever to do what they promised or follow up). I'd like to say I fully enjoyed the last 3 days of my trip (once I wasn't dealing with Verizon's network, the service was FLAWLESS), but by that point my feet were covered with such massive blisters from walking so much that I really didn't.

Needless to say, as soon as my phone is paid off, I'll be cancelling my Verizon service and never dealing with them again (this is to say nothing of earlier this year when Verizon let a stranger change service on my account, switching it from my SIM card to theirs, and again took days just to reactivate the service ON MY OWN ACCOUNT). When the issue is their own fault, they still make no effort to fix it.

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Re: Verizon ruined my trip to Japan
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Thanks for reaching out to us, diorioadam. We always strive to deliver world-class service, so I'm sorry you had to take so much time out of your trip to fix this matter. We never want to cause stress or injury, so I'm glad we finally were able to fix this for you. We would be saddened if you left the Verizon family and want the oppurtinuntiy to regain your favor. Please check your private messages for details. We look forward to helping you further.


Re: Verizon ruined my trip to Japan
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So you didn't check that your phone was unlocked and usable BEFORE you left on your trip?

...Just another VZW customer...trying to offer some assistance...