Very odd international use question
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Okay, lets see if I can make this make sense...

Can my son's Verizon Samsung Galaxy be modified with a new sim or something so that he can use it with his SoftBank plan in Japan for a few months, then switch back when he moves to his new station in the U.S. and continues with Verizon on his old family plan line in a short while?

To (maybe) clarify: My son is on our family plan. He is currently deployed with the Navy in Japan, so we put his line on military suspension and he got a plan with Softbank in Japan. Recently, his Japanese phone took a long fall onto a hard deck and is becomming more and more unuseable. He is trying to avoid buying an expensive phone that will be only for a few months, when he has a very nice Samsung in-hand.

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Re: Very odd international use question
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We know the importance of having a phone while stationed in a foreign country. We are here to help explain his option. 


Most of our 4G LTE phones are unlocked, so he should be able to use a SIM card from Softbank to activate the phone with their service in Japan. When he get back to the USA, he can reinstall his Verizon SIM card to reactivate his phone with our service.


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