Voice mail access while in baja Mexico

Spent several hours yesterday speaking with various customer service reps and doing searches. So far none of the suggested solutions have worked .I am unable to access voice mails from my location in Mexico.It was suggested that I add a plus ('+") then a 1 and then my 10 digit phone number. That was unsuccessful .Also read a suggestion of adding the # sign to the end of the number and then hitting it again when the voice mail message started. I tried several variations of this suggestion.  Again, no luck. Also found a suggested " alternate voicemail number" of 1 845 613 8700 and follow prompts. Nope, no luck. Anyone have experience with this problem that can offer a solution?

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Customer Service Rep

I'm sorry you're having issues with accessing your voice mail from Mexico CLHEAVERLO. I know it's frustrating to have issues with staying connected to friends and family but we are here to help. Here is a link with information for ways to check your voice mail if traveling internationally http://vz.to/2z9BIfE . What was the ending result of your conversation with customer service regarding your issue?



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