WiFi Calling SOS Message
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I live in an area that does not get Verizon service. I am connected to WiFi and I have enabled WiFi calling. However, the majority of the time, there is an SOS message in the top right corner of the screen. When this SOS icon is present, I cannot make or receive calls. I Is there an easy solution to this? Thank you in advance!

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Re: WiFi Calling SOS Message

The SOS message is also equal to the emergency calls only message which means you are not connected to the Verizon network but your phone will make 911 emergency phone calls through any available Network. It is a requirement of all service providers that 911 calls be available by any network no matter which one you are paying for.

This is normal and correct. 

At home you should be connected to your home Wi-Fi and using that for Wi-Fi calling.

You can get rid of the emergency calls /SOS  by putting your phone in airplane mode, and then turning Wi-Fi back on when you are at home connected to your Wi-Fi network.  Just remember to turn airplane mode off when you leave home so that you connect to a cellular network



Re: WiFi Calling SOS Message

I am having the same problem intermittently. When my phone goes into SOS mode, I lose the capacity for Wi-Fi calling, even if Wi-Fi calling is enabled. 
Is there a way to still be able to use Wi-Fi calling even with no reception?

I am using an iPhone 12 Pro Max