Will Samsung Galaxy Note5 work in Japan

I will be traveling to Japan in March.  Need to know if I should rent a Japan phone or will the Galaxy Note5 work on their systems with the Verizon Travel Pass Plan?  I will need to phone home every other day.  Not big on surfing the internet with the phone.

Will I need to disable automated notifications from applications so I do not use up my data?

If I rent a Japanese Wi-Fi hotspot in Japan, will the phone use that for regular voice calls and not the cellular systems?

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Re: Will Samsung Galaxy Note5 work in Japan
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I hope you have a great time in Japan. The good news is that your device will work there! We have many international plans. Travel Pass gives you the most freedom, since it allows you to use your phone as if you were in the US. Check out this and all of your options here: vzw.com/international



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