Will junk calls trigger Travel Pass?


I'm traveling to Canada soon and I'm afraid that junk calls will trigger the Travel Pass on days when I don't need it. If I turn on Airplane mode, I'm afraid I could miss important phone calls. Is there another way to prevent that?  This happened on another trip where the daily fee was higher than Canada and I ended up paying a lot, so this has made me think of switching to company that includes international calling and data without extra fees. 



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Re: Will junk calls trigger Travel Pass?
Customer Service Rep

Hello, Stephanie. First we certainly don't want to see you go. I understand how frustrating Spam calls can be . I experience them too and I definitely get the annoyance that these calls cause us all on a daily basis. We would love to help as much as we can. We alongside all other carriers are doing all we can to partner up with the FCC and all the needed parties to do all that we can to minimize these calls as well as to get one step ahead of these scammers. As of now Call Filter detects spam calls and if you have the Premium Call Filter then you can also report the Spam calls that we do not have on our database. Since we all experience callers that spam call us, this a tool that everyone can contribute to in order alert everyone of a particular number that you may want to be aware of. You can also set the spam threat level so Call Filter can automatically block those calls for you, if they have been reported as spam numbers. Sadly there is no other way to prevent spam calls. I know it is difficult when you are out of the country. My recommendation would be to put it on Airplane mode and remove it when you want to activate Travel Pass. Do you have any questions about this?