data settings for international use
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I am traveling in Europe on the Verizon International plan and need to ask what the best settings are for this, Roaming CDMA etc?

Does anyone have any advice?

Re: data settings for international use
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Probably Global and allow for data roaming.

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Re: data settings for international use
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Congrats on your upcoming travels to Europe. It's essential to make sure you are able to use your device while you are abroad, so let's get down to business.

You mentioned that you set yourself up with a plan already. Depending on how you went about doing this, we typically send you a confirmation Email listing the destination countries, dialing instructions, and things like that. To verify your plan, destinations, and to get these details like settings in order, your best friend will be our Trip Planner tool. Not only will it review your plan details, but it will take in consideration your phone make and model, and give the instructions on what to do accordingly. All you have to do is sign in with your My Verizon login through the link below, and you'll be set!

Here is a resource with a lot of great information and frequently asked questions regarding international travel. Under the header "General Information" you will want to reference question number six, using the link below.


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