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I travel to Latin America a lot and have an eSIM with Verizon and a physical SIM card with my local carrier.  However, sometimes I would like to receive text messages to my US number but I don't want to get charged $10 per day Travel Pass.  I have turned off roaming, but I am still getting charged the $10 Travel Pass.  

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Having access to a physical SIM and an eSIM is so convenient. You are only charged for the Travel Pass session when it is triggered by, sending a message, using cellular data or making a call. We always recommend ensuring the device has a strong Wi-Fi connection so that you can use that instead of the data. Did you receive a notification about the Travel Pass?




This is 4th country in 2 1/2 months that I have eSIM, Verizon data off, and randomly it pops up that travel pass initiated. I am allowed to use my phone number with my eSIM my phone is unlocked and Wi-Fi calling is on. I use iMessage or whats app and I don’t make phone calls.  I am randomly being charged when on or off Wi-Fi  for a travel pass even tho I may be doing nothing at all. My data is provided by an eSIM that I paid for and now Verizon is trying to charge me again? I have notifications off and almost all apps are off. This is wrong,! I’m not paying twice  when I paid for a local eSIM. I have been with Verizon since 1997. You better get it together I will walk away and I’ll take all of my accounts with me. I’m sick of this. It is absolutely ridiculous and you are ripping us off at every opportunity. It become worse and worse since we became customers all those years ago.

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My son is traveling to Italy for 4 months next week, and trying to avoid this same issue.  We are getting him a local SIM, and he will use that or wifi for 95% of his needs, but we do want to keep his number active for any incoming SMS texts or calls to his number.  From what I'm been told and read on here it seems that a single incoming text, call or even voicemail will trigger the $10/day charge, and with two-factoring security, and junk calls/texts it seems that is likely to happen nearly every day, making TravelPass pretty unaffordable.

That leaves either having to do the $100/month option, or taking a chance and not doing anything, and paying roaming fees for these few calls/text, which I think is pretty risky, if he were to ever accidentally access data from his Verizon account.

So that really leaves no good options, Verizon.

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johnhalldesign, we understand that international travel can be expensive. If you do not wish to have an international plan, you can look into suspending his line to keep his number. You may review the suspend option here:



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Hi johnhalldesign,

I am in the same predicament as I head to Australia for two months. I intend to combine a Boost Mobile SIM with VZ TravelPass.  I will refrain from using TravelPass by setting Cellular Data to "Boost", setting Cellular Data Options to "Roaming Off", and selecting "Boost" for all calling and texting (on the Australian phone number.)  I will use the SIM for local calling, long distance calling, and all data I consume.  Separately, WhatsApp is data-only and provides texting and VoIP calling.

With regard to calls & texts coming to my Verizon phone #, once a week I activate TravelPass so I can retrieve my texts and handle calls to businesses requiring MFA.  All voice incoming calls will have been forwarded to voicemail which I can pick up with a long distance call using my SIM.  That costs $40/mo plus the cost of the SIM.

Is it possible that your son will benefit from partially unplugging from his VZ line?

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