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ok, my problem started when a friend switched her 2 lines from verizon to a different carrier. i was also on the account with my number of ten years. ill inform you that this is my buisness phone that i have been building my clientele and contacts  for ten years. so out of the blue my phone gets shut off while im out of my town visiting my mom in the icu where she is very sick. so i rush down to the verizon store,and this rep somehow gets my phone turned back on for me with one call to someone, and then we proceed to setting the number in my name with passwords, emails billing addreses ect. i think im good to go. a week goes by and the phone gets shut off again. i get online to figure out what is going on and im told that i need my friends pin number to the account that i have been on for three years. i finally produce the pin and thats when i start getting passed around to every department of customer service available, and this goes on for three days and about 22 hours on the phone and online. now they are telling me that my number was disconnected and there is no way to get it back. the last person i talked with said he would call me back the next day at a certain time, and i never received the call. its been almost three weeks now and all i have is a different prepaid number that they gave me just so i could make some calls. i am loosing thousands of dollars plus new customers. everyone calling gets this number has been disconnected. this is totally unacceptable and i refuse to loose this number. im completely frusterated! and everytime i contact cs i just get passed around and around having to explain my situation over and over. is there anyone that can help. i keep getyting this msg from verizon i guess that says i need to add a sim to the mumber and my priceless number pops up with my friends name. HELP!

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