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if out of the country how does data, messaging work?

Going out of country how does my phone work?  And what are the charges if any,

How much roaming, or data etc?

Re: if out of the country how does data, messaging work?
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It may depend on where you are going. Here is a link to the International Options: International Cell Phone, International Service | Verizon Wireless

...Just another VZW customer...trying to offer some assistance...
Re: if out of the country how does data, messaging work?
Verizon Employee

Hi, gran920. I'm glad you're looking into what you should expect for a trip out of the country. I don't want to see you end up far from home without being able to connect so I'm happy to help. The link jav6 is a great place to start whether you're looking into traveling out of the country or just calling internationally from the US. But to know exactly what to expect regarding charges that may apply based on your specific plan (as well as options to add an international feature) I recommend logging into your account through directly. It's a great guide that checks your phone and plan to give you the best options for your trip as well as let you know what to do to your phone to make sure it works. If you still need help after using the guide, please let me know what model phone you'll be taking along on your trip as well as what countries you'll be visiting and how you plan to use your phone.

Thank you


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Re: if out of the country how does data, messaging work?
Customer Service Rep

That is a great question! However, in order to answer this best, I would need to know what type of phone you have. Most newer model phones will work internationally, and will be able to receive calls, text, and data if your roaming settings are set correctly. If you will be using your device internationally, I would definitely recommend looking into our International calling plans. Without a calling plan you will be paying international Pay As You Go rates which can get costly. Especially if you are using data. For more information on our international plans, and pay as you go rates, please use the following link:, or reach out to our Customer Care team.