international wi-fi calling + texts over a local eSIM

After some research, I am looking for confirmation that the following plan will work while abroad in Europe for two weeks:

I have a iPhone 11 with a nanoSIM + ios 15, and my carrier is Verizon. I will be traveling to France for 10 days and want to purchase an eSIM from Orange. Using the dual SIM functionality, I can use the Orange eSIM for data while turning Verizon  data roaming off - allowing me to make/receive wi-fi calls and texts with my primary Verizon number, but without any additional Verizon charges .... is this accurate? With data roaming off, will that stop the Verizon number from connecting to a local cellular network (and causing additional charges)?

If this will work,  could someone clarify exactly what needs to be enabled/disabled ( and when)?

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Re: international wi-fi calling + texts over a local eSIM
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Good day, jsa307. Sounds like you will be visiting some nice places in Europe, and we want you to have all the information you need. The only way to ensure that your phone will not connect to a data network while outside the United States is to have it in Airplane Mode at all times while outside the United States. 


You may want to review the international service options listed at this link ( if you enter the countries that you will visit. -Antonio