iphone 6S in Japan, Wifi Calling and effect on texting
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I am going to Japan for 3 weeks and won't be buying an International Plan for my iPhone 6S since Japan is way too expensive since it's not part of the 140 countries where the plans are affordable. 


1) I'd like to simply receive texts at 5 cents and send texts at 50 cents (not that I'd do outgoing much).  If calls come in I can simply let them go to Voicemail, unless it looks important and I'll just take it.  Can someone please verify the exact iphone 6S settings for the phone to act this way, and to not incur additional charges from any Japan carriers?

2) I'm looking at Wifi Calling on the phone.  I've tested it out here in the U.S. and it works just fine.  But I want to know a) will it work in Japan and is it free to call from Japan to the U.S. and within Japan itself?  and b) does Wifi Calling being set on in any way affect my ability to receive my 5 cent texts?

Thank you.

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