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I will not be using my Note 5 for anything other than emergency while in Ireland. I purchased the Pay as You Go plan for $40 a month plus overages. What are the settings once I arrive in Ireland?  I want to avoid the random charges so many are talking about.

Re: settings for International pay as you go plan
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STEWARTRYDER8, That sounds like an exciting time and I want to ensure you avoid any unnecessary roaming charges. I myself have been on a few vacations so I understand the concern. Since you purchased the $40 Travel Plan feature for one month, there won't be any additional overage charges unless you go over your allotted 100 minutes,100 text messages and 100MB of data. Does this help explain things more clearly?


You can review the link provided here: to ensure your phone is set to "Global" under Network Mode in your settings. This will ensure you have full functionality when traveling through Ireland if you need to use your phone.


Please reference the link attached on how you can turn off Data Roaming on your Galaxy Note 5. If you feel you're getting close to the 100MB of data, you can turn off Data Roaming within your phone settings at any time. I hope this information is beneficial going forward.



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