the account manager can not access their account since phone has been disconnected

Hi, my mother was the account manager of our family account. However, she disconnected her service with Verizon so  she does not have the access to change the account manager. 

I am trying to change my phone to a new model but I cannot because I have to be the manager in order to make changes. As I stated before my mother does not have the access to the account and she is currently overseas where she does not have any access to Verizon services. 

So, there is possible way my mother, who was the account manager, can make me the account manager. 

I went visited Verizon last week and the workers did not understood the situation and repeated that the account manager can only assign a new manger. But as I said before, my mother who currently disconnected her service with Verizon cannot make these changes since she does not have the access. 

Please help me  I need to change my phone as soon as possible, my phone is not functioning and I have important calls and messages to answer.  

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