traveling to canada

I am traveling to canada this month and need to confirm I will not be charged for texting and calling.  if it says mexico and canada in my plan, does that mean I'm good to go, or do I need to let you know I will be there?

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Re: traveling to canada
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Traveling to Canada can be fun. Allow me to provide you with the tools and resources that'll help. Based on the info provided, calling, texting and data use in Mexico and Canada are included at no extra cost (High-speed data applies for the first 0.5 GB/day with 2G reduced speeds thereafter). Here's a link that will assist with locating device settings and dialing instructions (if needed) (choose the "Sign in for the best experience" option). I hope this is beneficial.



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Re: traveling to canada
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Plans with Canada/Mexico included gives you unlimited talk, text and your data allowance. Data will work at 4G speed up to the first half GB and then slow to 3G speed after. That resets daily.