travelpass turn on alert

I am traveling in Europe now with the travelpass. I got hit one day without knowing that I was using the plan.  I bought a local SIM used on the spare phone as hot spot for my family.  I was using the hot spot at the time; however, i received a VZW text message at the 23rd hour of the session stating that I had one more hour remaining.  I was completely no knowledge that I was using the plan.

How would I know that I have utilized the session already without any alert message?  Users may accidentally trigger the session by walking away the WIFI coverage area. I had contacted VZW before, and I was advised that the customer, like me will not receive any alert when the session begins.  Is this a trap from VZW to steal money from its customer?  How would I take advantage of the feature to use the plan after it is accidentally turned on?

Re: travelpass turn on alert

Put the phone you have TravelPass on into airplane mode. Then turn on only wifi. The phone would not be able to access the cellular network in order to start a new daily session of TravelPass as long as ONLY the wifi radio is turned on. IF you have the cellular radios turned on and your phone uses data/etc... in the background even without your knowledge, you have the possibility of starting a new daily session of TravelPass.