wifi call from India

When I tried to use wifi calling in Inia, I'm getting a message to contact Verizon customer service. Why is it and how can I sove this issue. I'm on the verizon pre-paid plan. I was with a rep chatting for 60 minutes and she couldn't help me. 


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Re: wifi call from India
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Good afternoon to you! Being able to use your Verizon device while you're traveling in India is very important. I'm sorry to hear that you're receiving a notification message to contact Verizon's Customer Service Department in order to use the free Wi-Fi Calling feature. I've also noted that you're subscribing to our prepaid service and that you were in a session with our Chat team for 60 minutes but we weren't able to resolve your concerns. I apologize and we'll be more than glad to assist you here. Let's ensure that your device is HD Voice and Wi-Fi Calling compatible, as both features are free to use for our customers. What's the make/model of your phone? What happens when you try placing a call from your device while you're in India? Are your other services working? (e.g. texting and web browsing) - RobertC_VZW


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Re: wifi call from India
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@Poor_Verizon_customer, did you have Wi-Fi Calling turned on prior to traveling to India?