32 GB card - manual says it can be handled - TRUE?

I changed it to an 8GB but it didnt solve these issues....

This phone REALLY seems to be a piece of junk!!

Wont take or save from message photos OR videos.

Wont install apps - like GroundSpeak

Wont run apps - like Kindle

Runs HALF an app - like Google Navigator (sometimes no satellite, sometimes no voice)

Boots up all by itsself.

Sound is intermidently impossible to hear.

Speach recognition is a JOKE

I am on the phone with Verizon for HOURS everytime I call them.  They replaced the phone once - this one is NINE TIMES WORSE but I dont have the time to call them...  HATE MY MOTOROLA DROID X

Re: 32 GB card - manual says it can be handled - TRUE?
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Absolutely True. I've had a 32GB SD card in my phone for a couple months now. I've had my Droid X with Andriod 2.3.4 (4.5.621) for about 2 years and I'm an app, music and photo fiend. The extra storage is a definite plus. The Droid X has been a good phone for me.

Keep in mind upgrading your SD card to 32GB will not address the issues you have outlined above. Try checking for a system update to make sure you have the latest and greatest OS. Go to SETTINGS/ABOUT PHONE/SYSTEM UPDATES

Another tweak you can try is finding a free/inexpensive task killer. (I use SuperBox Pro) The issues you outline above are most likely releated to processes that are running in the background. Too many processes running at one time overloads the processor, which slows performance.

Re: 32 GB card - manual says it can be handled - TRUE?
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SJSooze, I am really sorry that you are having phone issues! How long has it been acting like this? What is the software version on the device? Have you tried to do a master reset on the device? If not here are the steps:

From the home screen>select App menu (located in the lower right)>select Settings (If the application icon is missing, select App menu filter (located at the top) then select All apps.)>select Privacy>select Factory Data Reset>select Reset Phone(If presented, enter the current passcode or draw the unlock pattern.)>select Erase Everything.

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Re: 32 GB card - manual says it can be handled - TRUE?

It hasnt been able to take a picture since I got it. I can sometimes see the thumbnail but then it turns into that empty picture icon. MY original phone kept turning on all by itsself so I got this one from verizon & it's like 50 times worse!!! I hardly do anything on it anymore. I used to geo-track but that wont load up. The kindle app wont start up. The game I play sometimes comes on sometimes it wont. I've done the master reset like 5 times. I dont even save anything on there because I know I'll loose it all everytime I do it. I also remove the battery daily, on average. Somedays I just want to throw it after the 4th time.