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3G on Droid X - Useless


Can someone tell me whether it is the phone (Droid X) or the 3G service is bad?

1. 80% of the time i get only 1X connection speed and virtually no bar in my phone. I get so many call drops and browsing is real slow.

2. GPS and maps stalls every other time trying to find the satellite even on clear day.

Re: 3G on Droid X - Useless
Customer Support

Hello diesel_kg! I'm sorry to hear about your service. Does the signal problem occur in a specific location or area? Have you recently downloaded any new applications? Try running your phone in safe mode to see if your signal improves. Keep me posted. ^CM

Re: 3G on Droid X - Useless

pardon me stealing a thread but I have the same issue

I did try uninstalling apps, resetting the phone, clearing the cache, upgrade roaming... basically, everything I can think of. there is no real pattern for me (or my wife). I live in S/E PA, in a metro city. Strong signal at times and then nothing - to 1x. I read in here about the throttle back theory but ever if that were true, our shared is just over a gig per month - mainly because we go to wireless whenever we can due to the low signal.

last time I did a hard reset - and wiped my sd, my logins were all still there so I'm not sure if it really reset everything??

It seems to have gotten much worse after the latest upgrade.


Android 2.3.4