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A Piece of hot garbage!

This phone was great when I got it, but then it started having all kinds of problems like the phone freezing, the touch screen not responding to anything, resetting itself randomly, dropping the network for long periods of time (like right now, I haven't had service for about an hour now). They replaced it once, and the replacement is doing all the same things the old one was. I am getting sick and tired of this crap. I am deploying to Afghanistan soon and I can barely communicate with my friends and family because of an unreliable phone, and Verizon doesn't seem to give a damn. I am taking this thing in again, and if it doesn't get resolved this time, then I am looking for a new provider, one that doesn't just replace a turd with polished turd.

Re: A Piece of hot garbage!
Customer Support

Diibot, I definitely understand your frustration and would hate to lose you as a customer.

Are you still having issues with your phone? Was your phone replaced again since your post?

You mentioned that you are having the same issue as your previous phone. When it was replaced did you wait a while before downloading any 3rd party app? Since you are having the same issues with both phones I want to make sure the issue isn’t being caused by a 3rd party app. Run the phone in safe mode  and see if you notice a difference.

Post back if you need further assistance.

John B

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