A boot-loop like no other...

So, I still have the original Droid Incredible and it has been good to me, aside from the usual problems that everyone else here seems to have.  But, yesterday, I had it on the charger(turned on), unplugged it from the charger, and it immediately rebooted.  Somewhat normal for this phone, but what happened next has NEVER happened before.

It restarts, shows the all-while splash screen saying HTC Incredible in the center and vibrates for a half second, normal...then the screen goes black for 5 seconds and it goes back to the all-white HTC Incredible/vibe screen again over and over til the battery dies.

Yes, I can get to the HBOOT screen, but if I pick any option except SIMLOCK, it will immediately go back into the All-white splash screen and boot-loop.

When I pick SIMLOCK, it does it's thing, then tells me to press Volume Up to reboot, then, yup, boot-loop again.

When I plug it into my PC, it says HTC USB PLUG, but I can't see anything on the Windows File Explorer.

Any help would be great. Can't afford to get a new phone OR re-up right now.

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I know this is frustrating 808_Dragons but will we do all we can to help get this resolved. Lets try a battery pull first to soft reset the phone. Next, try removing any problematic apps by enabling safe mode. If you continue to have this issue, we may need to do a hard reset. Is the phone damaged (physically or by water)? We look forward to hearing from you.

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