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Android Flaw could affect the I-510 Charge Phone
Sr. Member

Saturday - 9/29/2012


See the attached article on the Android Flaw that "could have" been responsible for some of the mysterious disappearances of files and folders, such as contacts and so forth.


NOTE to Verizon folks.  Does the Charge phone currently have the Samsung update that is mentioned in the article?  Was the update to correct this flaw included in the most recent FP-5 update???

Re: Android Flaw could affect the I-510 Charge Phone
Sr. Leader

Verizon wouldn't known unless told by Samsung.  If I still had my change in working order I could try it.  I want to say no because when they patched the S3 the FP5 update already happened month before that from what I remember.

FWIW there is a chance other devices are affect and it isn't Samsung specific.