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Android update 4.08.605.2 and the SD Card

I have been having problems with my DINC since the software upgrade this summer.  I thought I had it fixed by September, but I was wrong.  The phone would freeze up and I had to pull the battery to get it to restart.  The phone also decided to do its own factory reset twice during this period, which led to me reinstalling apps.

I suspected the problem was the interaction between the software upgrade and the SD card, so after doing some reading of online forums, I did the following:

1.  Moved what I could from the SD card to the phone's main memory.

2.  Pulled the SD card.

3.  Did my own factory reset.

4.  Left my SD card in a drawer in my desk.

Since I did that a month ago, I have had no problems at all.  None.  No freeze ups, factory resets, etc.  The phone seems to be working faster, too.

So, I am going to continue indefinitely with my Incredible with no SD card.

Does anyone know why this solution works?

Re: Android update 4.08.605.2 and the SD Card

I meant the .15 update.