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Anyone else having problems with Motorola Droid?

Hi I have the crappy motorola droid that freezes and forcecloses everything possible. Takes forever to start up and randomly shuts itself off. Anyone else have this problem? I've only had it maybe 6 months and have done nothing to it to cause these issues. My husband has the Droid 2 which is even worse! When I went into a Verizon store I was told that it is because they released it on the whim not realizing it would have all these issues and the only thing I can do is to upgrade to a better more recent phone? I'm confused as to a. why do I have to buy a new phone just because they released a crappy phone? and b. The upgrade is $300+ for a "more suitable/reliable" phone (obviously with signing a new 2 yr contract). Also I want to make sure I am not the only one paying $220 for 2 lines with 1400 minutes? (includes the $29.99 fee for both lines & also $6.99 for insurance).... Does this sound right?


Re: Anyone else having problems with Motorola Droid?

First let me answer from the bottom up varonika I to do pay roughly about 200 for 2 lines and 1400 minutes.I also have had the Droid for almost 2 years now and only had a few times when it has froze on me but like jimfitzgerald says I am skeptical about upgrading to the 4G network until I know for sure from others that is reliable.They did tell me though that I should keep my unlimited data package as it is not the same now and I am grandfathered in so I don't want to loose it.So overall I have been really happy with my Droid since before this one I had 3 chocolates and was deeply disappointed.

Re: Anyone else having problems with Motorola Droid?

I have been having major issues with my droid too. It is the WORST phone I have ever had! It freezes and randomly shuts itself off. I bought a cover for the phone but I decided not to use it anymore because I am constantly having to take the battery out of my phone (several times daily) to restart it. Yesterday the battery charger quit working. My best friend also has this phone and is having similar problems. Stay away from this phone!

Re: Anyone else having problems with Motorola Droid?

I've had my DROID for two years now and I have absolutely hated it. My phone does all the same things that have been listed and more. I didn't know anything about the DROID technology when I bought this phone. It's not been good as a phone at all. To actually talk on the phone has been one of my biggest frustrations. I'm not a surf the web or texter kind of person even though I have learned to do it more now. But to want a phone that is actually for just talking, this one has been horrible! I will be getting a new phone but I'm very concerned about choosing a new one. I don't want to get a phone as bad as this one has been.

Re: Anyone else having problems with Motorola Droid?

i have had my droid2 almost two years and have been frustrated with it almost from day one. I downloaded the user guide. over 150 pages. takes a PHD to understand most of it. I haver been to verizon numerous times for problems. they exchanged the phone once. the next time i went in for a problem they troubleshooted for over an hour and told me they had to order another one because it had a software problem. I went home and messed with it on my own and found what was wrong. so they don't even know how to troubleshoot their own product. my phone freezes up a lot. i have to power off and turn back on. it takes forever to power up. it is a very frustrating when you get a call and no matter what you do you cant answer the phone. I wont ever get another one.

Re: Anyone else having problems with Motorola Droid?
Verizon Employee

varonika and other community members who are having issues with your phone, I'm truly sorry for the problems your having with your device. I understand how if feels to have a phone that starts to freeze or power cycle when your attempting to use it. This issue concerns us and we have had customers who reported this issue to us and we have forwarded to our product team. Try turning off animations (Menu > Settings > Display > Animations - set to No Animations) This has been shown to help the device from freezing/power cycling.  Also, ensure your phone has the latest software update which was released September 2011. This update was created to fix some of the issues with the device freezing. Here's a link to review . If you continue to have issues, the last trouble-shooting step to try is a factory reset on your device. Directions are below.

Steps Factory Reset below

  1.   From the home screen, select the App menu.
  2. Select Settings.
    Note If the application icon is missing, select App menu filter (located at the top) then select All apps.

  3. Select Privacy.

  4. From the Personal data section, select Factory Data Reset.

  5. Select Reset phone.
    Note If presented, enter the current  pass-code or draw the unlock pattern.

  6. Select Erase Everything.
    Note Allow up to 3 minutes for the factory data reset and reboot processes to complete.

  7. Perform initial set up. 

Additionally, if we are unable to assist you with fixing the issues, we can review your account and device for warranty replacement of the same device. 

Please keep us posted everyone.


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Re: Anyone else having problems with Motorola Droid?

I have the same problem and even done a hard reset but because i don't have insurance I am stuck with phone. I have no service on my phone for 3 days now. so no phone calls or txts...Have perfect WIFI though!  Have done everything to phone except throw it against a wall. plus its out of warranty. ugh!!! and it's now restarting itself.. i'm done. I am so frustrated!

Re: Anyone else having problems with Motorola Droid?

My fiancee has the Driod 2 Global and she is constantly having to take out the battery to reset it, the screen doesn't work half the time and sometimes it looks like a ghost is playing with it, it makes calls on its own, texts people, opens apps everything. It is very frustrating, and just recently in fact it is still going on, the other day her phone kept restarting itself and then went to a black screen that said something like Boot Loader some numbers, Battery OK and something else, Connect to USB to download, it did that again yesterday after saying "NO SERVICE" she finally got it to work for maybe a couple hours then it went right back to the black screen and she had to leave the battery out all night, she put the battery in this morning and it came on but it says NO SERVICE. She hates this phone, it really sucks because she has to drive on the highway everyday and now she don't have a phone that works because it is a p.o.s!

Re: Anyone else having problems with Motorola Droid?


First, I am going to refrain from two very popular forum habits:

1. complaining about my phone

     (it is an incredible piece of technology with some very specific issues, looking for answers, please :~)

2. bashing my carrier (it's pointless - I am asking for help here; don't want to bite the hand that feeds me)

That said:

I live in Berlin, Germany / my D2G is an unlocked, US model from VZW

My carrier here is O2, a giant German carrier, comparable with VZW

     (iphone users are usually  O2 customers here, for example)

My family plan in the US still lists my US number; I can go home to NY, switch sim cards back to the VZW network at the airport and use my phone on VZW right away. This costs my family only $10 a month, and adds another incentive to visiting home at a totally great price.

I pay 30 € per month for my own contract here with O2, including flat-rate calling and a great data plan. Sending SMS costs 7 - 13 cents apiece. Again, very satisfied with the ability to use this phone globally as the name implies.

My issue:

Since updating to Gingerbread IN GERMANY back in November or so, my D2G started going berzerk, with many of the same issues described in the  post from mmendoza about his fiancee's D2G in this thread: 

"sometimes it looks like a ghost is playing with it"

- not just sometimes, about 80-90% of the time! When using any/all apps or built in features, the picture onscreen will shiver and shake back and forth like I am holding my finger on the screen and wildly wiggling it about.... condensation on the screen? Oils from hands or face? with or w/o screen protector,  issue remains the same - ghost party in my phone.

"it makes calls on its own, texts people, opens apps"

-related to the above issue, I think; random URLs will be googled! Emails selected in Gmail and archived/deleted at will by the phone as I watch, dumbfounded! Behold: the amazing Self-Sufficient Smart-Phone! It's ALIVE!! aaaarghhhh!

"a black screen that said something like Boot Loader, some numbers, Battery OK and something else,

Connect to USB to download"

-have also seen this screen once before; I thought it was the phone giving up the ghost, fortunately it came back to life, unfortunately just as quirky and un-usable as before.... you can imagine how frustrated this makes one, so I will spare you the details of my own emotional distress and get to the point:

Also: keyboard on the touchscreen - the letter a won't work: each time, 'sa' comes out, when I mean to type 'a' - weird.

Many things I've tried - factory reset, you ask? yes, and *please* don't ask that one again, if possible! Issue remained the same after a brief period (maybe 3 hours) of normal functioning - ghost is back in the kitchen for good.

Battery has been in and out of my phone more times to count -to no avail- as above, issues always return in short order.

Wiping the screen clean to remove any residues? - also doesn't help matters, just makes me look like a frustrated and OCD-about my smart-phone hipster in the subway and other public places where I like to, you know, use my phone's bazillion features, sometimes.

So Motorola's take on the issue: bc this has all been happening with the phone SINCE UPDATING TO GINGERBREAD IN GERMANY -  'the "German" Gingerbread update is of course the update for the "German" model of the D2G, therefore the wrong one for your phone, young grasshopper. Please send your phone back to your family in the states, we will send them a shipping label, they will send the phone to us, we will flash the drive, and update you to Gingerbread here, send the phone back to your family, who will then send it back to you and your problems will be solved, but please, act fast before your warranty runs out on March 21st, 2012.'

Ok, so that is plausible, kind of ~ I buy a phone to use in the meantime, for 15 €, to make calls only.... emotionally preparing myself for this long period without my awesome phone... and I take the sim card out of my D2G, and put it in the interim cell phone.... and the D2G has a rest for a couple of days.

Then, before sending it off, one last try with the German sim card in the D2G - like magic all of the symptoms are gone, and the phone has returned to full, unproblematic functionality. Which is great, but does nothing to explain the hardship of the last 3 months... I don't know... that was this morning, tomorrow is another day, maybe the ghosts will return.

My question for VZW: you guys know that several people have had this issue with the D2G - the forums don't lie, guys... I am wondering if it can really be attributed to the software update 'intended for the German model of Motorola's D2G. People in the States have had this issue as well. Should I send it to motorola as instructed and let them fumble with it before my warranty expires next month? Is there another fix?

I know I can just flash the drive, download and install the appropriate Gingerbread update to my phone MYSELF with a USB cable and a computer connected to the world wide web. So what is the point of giving it to Motorola to perform such a simple fix? If they are aware of this issue with their D2G phone, as I am sure they must be, have they owned up to it with other users of the D2G who are VZW customers? What is my best chance at solving the riddle of these issues in the coming weeks? help? please... bitteschön?


helpless in Deutschland

Re: Anyone else having problems with Motorola Droid?
Verizon Employee

mmendoza, I truly understand how you and the rest of the community feel in regards to your Droid 2 devices not working properly. I take the highway and understand the importance of having a working device for emergencies. If your fiancee hasn't tried the factory reset that may be something you may want to perform to try and resolve her issues. If she continues to have issues, we may need to replace her phone if she is still within the manufactures warranty and there's no damage to her phone.

Additionally, the last software update for this phone was on December 14, 2011. It improved the following functionalities and more:

  • Improved security features 
  • Support local video playback when in Airplane Mode  
    • Five bar Received Signal Strength Indicator support  

  • Improvements to Clock and Alarm features  

I recommend making sure the phone has this latest software to ensure your receiving the above benefits. I will list a link below with information about the last update and steps.

Please keep us posted and if you need to reveiw replacement options, you can send a private message or call us from an alternate phone.


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