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Anyone else with CALENDAR problems?

I can't seem to sync my existing calendar via Google into my new Droid Bionic phone.  All contacts and apps were sync(ed) without an hitch.  But my calendar... that's another story. 

I have been on the phone with Verizon Support without any success; when told to dial Motorola directly, same thing... no success.

I don't like having my calendar as a "bookmark" via Google.  It's still not working right.

Any suggestions besides get a new calendar app?  I would like something that I can get a backup going in case something happens to the phone and I need to "grab" my calendar someplace else.



Re: Anyone else with CALENDAR problems?

Can you view your calendar with a browser on the computer when you sign into the Google website?

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Anyone else with CALENDAR problems?

Ive had the same problem in the past. Here is how I resolve this issue.

First, I login to my gmail account and go to Calendar.

Top right of screen click on the Gear symbol (settings) and then click on Settings.

Upper left click on Calendars and then click on Export Calendar (export it to your desktop)

After it exports, on the same screen click on "Delete" to delete your Calendar events. (this will delete your calendar)


From the Play Store (android market) download an app called iCal import/export (free) to your phone.

Copy the Calendar file from your desktop and put it directly on your phones drive (sdcard) not the mem card (sdcard-ext)

Run the iCal app, choose the correct Calendar (gmail account, not phone calendar) then click on Search for iCal files

Let the app run its magic and it will import all your Calendar events on your phone. When its done importing, your phone will automatically start syncing with google Calendar and put all the events back on google. Ive had to do this several times and never had an issue. good luck.

Re: Anyone else with CALENDAR problems?
Customer Support

Mrs. Carabine, I understand how important it is to have a backup of all your Calendar info. Have you tried the previous steps to see it they were successful? Are you receiving any error messages when syncing your Gmail calendar? If you add a calendar appointment in Google, is that synced to your phone?

Please let me know if you are still having this problem so that we can further assist!

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Re: Anyone else with CALENDAR problems?
Sr. Member
Sr. Member

Back to Ann154's question, if your calendar has been synced to Google, and you can view it when you sign into Gmail via your computer's Web browser, try this: Open the calendar on your Bionic, hit the menu key, then choose More. Tap Calendar and make sure your Google calendar is checked.