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I just bought a ringtone from Verizon to assign to an existing contact but am unable to do so.  I followed instructions from somebody's post in August, but my phone doesn't show the place they refer to.  When I go to edit the contact I can't find the place they refer to... it's not there.  HELP please

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Hello loon4465!

I can definitely assist you in assigning a ringtone. Was it sent to you in the form of a picture message from the website, or did you purchase it from the device?

Did you save it to the device as a ringtone? If so, please hard press on the ringtone and see if you get an option to "Assign as Contact." Without knowing the model of your device, troubleshooting is difficult. What model phone do you have, so we can advise of the steps to take? You can go to and then click "Devices." Locate your device and click "Next," and the support page for your device will come up.

You can also post back with the answers to these questions, so we can assist you further. I'm sure you will find the Support page helpful.  Thanks very much and have a good day!

Christina B
VZW Support
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