Auto Dialer from Browser

I cannot click on a website on the browser and have it automatically put the phone number in the dialer. It used to work but not sure how long ago it stopped.  I can hold down the number, or button on the website and it pops up with  "dial..., Add contact, Copy..etc.  and if I click dial, nothing happens but the dialer opens up blank.  I can, of course, copy and paste the number into the dialer but since I am the web developer here, it would be nice if my client's androids would work.  It works on iPhones and Blackberrys fine.  I heard that this auto feature was disabled by Google because of some licensing rights by
Apple but not sure about that. Is it just my phone being wonky, or are all androids doing this?  You can test on any mobile website and see it doesn't work.  I heard that the numbers were tied to Google maps but that is also not the case here. Anyone else seeing this problem and is there a fix for it?

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