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Awful battery life after latest OTA update

I've owned my Bionic for about 16 months now, and up until recently, have been very pleased.  After the initial Jelly Bean update, I was enjoying the best battery life I had ever experienced, up to 20+ hours with moderate use throughout the day.  However, the latest over the air update (I remember hearing my phone restart itself after the update in the middle of the night), my battery life has suffered dramatically.  At first, I thought the battery was bad, so I ordered a new one, but the problem persisted.  I searched online and discovered others were experiencing similar issues after updates.  I have tried various solutions, included wiping the cache, deleting apps one at a time to determine a culprit, and eventually even a FDR, but none have helped.

I am almost positive the issue is stemming from "wakelocks" and other things waking my phone up again and again, even with the display off.  My battery will drain from 100% to 40% as I sleep at night, even with WIFI and data disabled.  The battery stats show Android OS and/or Display (they alternate) as the leaders for my battery usage, usually around 40-50%, which is much higher than it used to be.

I have become increasingly frustrated with this issue, as there seems to be no known solution other than getting a new phone.  I find it almost inexplicable that an update could go out that causes such problems.  My phone has basically been rendered to a tethered device, as I can't go more than 8-10 hours without recharging.  If there are any known solutions, or if I can possibly receive a new Bionic, please let me know.


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