B/S from Veripoff

Okay, first off I have been a loyal customer for 14 years with at least 1 device on their plans.  So thinking that a company cared about their loyal subscribers we went to a local store, do to our phones Droid would do weird things like shut off, call people on its own, switch wallpaper photos, lose contacts etc... at first i blamed my wife for not being phone literate but then my phone started doing the same crap.  So this person at the store tells my wife cause she got there first that there is no way to switch our phones to another type (Iphone) because of the FCC.  I looked at this person and asked him if he thought I was an idiot cause the FCC does not have anything to do with mandating what type of phone you use and don't care if you upgrade or downgrade you phone or package.  He again stated it was cause of FCC.

He reset our phones stating this would fix them and it did not.  So I called VZW corporate hoping for some help and got another run around from the first person i spoke to.  The second person at least put me on with tech support, who are sending us new phones same make, model etc...  Now this still does not fix any problems other then the fact I will have a phone work for about 6-8 months until it is useless again.

Now to my point of the rip-off is the B/S upgrade date, if I the customer wants to get a different phone I should be able too.  Now I called Apple cause I was told they would pull all of VZW's contracts if they sold us a phone for the promotional price for new customers, and guess what they said.  We sell the phone to Verizon for x amount of dollars, they then sell it to us for x amount of dollars or for free, they then charge you in your user fees for the price of the phone you purchased.  So if you think your getting a great deal on your phone your not, and if you pay the full amount for the phone don't worry your still paying the same price as someone who got theirs for free or discounted.

I now know I will never ever sign up for a "package plan" or any such thing again, and just buy a dumb phone to only make phone calls on since my "Smart phone" can barely do that, and only pay for time or pay by month.

Verizon you had better wake up soon or you will find your loyal customers gone, you will be out of jobs.  Oh and send the morons that work at the local stores to a class, where they can act like the know what they are doing, I have had better success with my 7 year old then them.

Re: B/S from Veripoff

I am with you about the FCC part, I dont see where they would have any response dealing with what device a user has or uses....  That's a new one for me...

Now as for changing devices you can buy any device you want but the only option you have when you are still in a contract is to pay full price for the device because you wont be eligible for the equipment upgrade price.

Now as for the issues you reported about the device I really think that you are blaming the wrong thing for your issues, the issues could be software or even network related but I am more to believe this is a possible software bug not the device.

Hope the replacement resolved your issues....  Good Luck