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Battery draining while phone is off???

Why does my droid charge battery go dead when the phone is off?  At first I thought I just forgot to turn it off but it happens way too often?  It had a half battery charge last night when I went to bed and I turned it off and this morning it was so dead I couldn't even turn it on.  And it happens when I am at work too.  Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening?  Is this normal or is there something wrong with my phone?  I really like my phone otherwise!  Thanks for any input!

Re: Battery draining while phone is off???

Try this.  Touch settings>applications>battery use to see which application is using the MOST battery power.  If it is something like the Display or Android OS you cannot stop those APPS.  If it's Cell StandBy you may be in a WEAK signal area where the phone keeps trying to connect so you may have to put your phone in Airplane Mode or keep it plugged in.  If it's an APP just stuck on (did not stop) after you used it see the next two fixes.

If it's a "stuck on" APP touch settings>applications>Running Services and find that APP and STOP it.  This is the most powerful way to stop an APP.

Another less powerful way is when you're at the home page touch Task Manager>Active Applications>Exit All.