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Battery losing charge

I have had my Incredible 2 for almost one year. In the past month, the phone has been losing its battery charge very quickly, even with no use. In fact, in one 24 hour period, with no phone calls, no apps used except the ones that turn on by default, the charge went down to 15%.

Does the phone need a new battery, or is there some unknown app that is running that is draining the charge so quickly? If the latter, how do I find and kill it?


(I do have JuiceDefender, AVG running).

Re: Battery losing charge
Customer Support

Hello pearson100!  I know how important it is to be able to sustain a good battery charge on your wireless device!  I noticed you mentioned you’ve installed JuiceDefender and AVG onto your Droid Incredible 2; I suggest removing these applications since they have been known to cause similar problems on Android devices.  Please remove the applications fully charge your device, and then let me know how the device holds a charge.  Thanks!

VZW Support
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