Bionic will not keep 4G connection

I've had an ongoing issue with my Bionic for some time now. I live east of Nashville, TN. If I have the 4G enabled, it will get service, and then the icon will turn white and have no connectivity. It'll go back and forth at random with being connected and not being connected. If I turn it off and use the 3G, the problem stops, for the most part. Ironically, when I traveled to the Washington, DC area last month, I had no problems at all with 4G. The minute I came back into Tennessee, it started again. Is this a known issue, or does "the network" not enter the state of Tennessee?

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Sorry to tell you, but it's an issue we all started to experience about 2+ months back.

Even more dissapointing news: Depending on the Verizon tech you may speak with, they eitehr know about this or don't know about this, so whether they are actively looking for a way to resolve this issue is anyone's guess.

I'd dissuade you from getting a new sim chip or refurbed phone.  If you look at these forums, this doesn't solve the problem, but raises yoru ire that much more.

We are all kinda in limbo right now, hoping/praying that an offical ICS update will come soon.  There are a few rumors that it will be released by end of August....but that's anyone's guess.'re not alone in this issuse.  It's coast to coast, all 4G markets.