Black Spots on Droid X

I recently developed several black spots on my Droid X screen.  The spots appear to be multiplying and I am afraid that soon I will not be able to see my screen or use the phone.  In researching online I found out that Verizon has a Certified Pre-Owned program, but I could not purchase a pre-owned device online, I had to go into a store or call the customer serivce number.  Since a local store is only about five miles away I went to the store and was told that Verizon stores do not have Certiifed Pre-owned devices.  I explained to the service reprepresentive that the Verizon website indicated that store did in fact have Certified Pre-owned devices, but he insisted that none of the stores carried the pre-owned devices any longer.  I also informed the service representative that I had purchased a pre-owned phone at a different local store a few years ago for abut $50.00.

Leaving the store frustrated, I called Verizon customer serivce and was told that I could order a pre-owned device that was similiar to my Droid X for $419.00.  Of course, that was shockng!

I have been an Verizon customer for approximately 10 years and did not expect to recieve this type of serivce.  It appears that there is no regard for customer loyalty.  I am requesting assistance from someone at Verizon to replace my Droid X or replace the screen.  I am not looking for a handout, just good reasonable customer service.


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Whats reasonable customer service for a device out of warranty ???

I'm guessing that was the razor price they offered you at cpo its not "similiar" its much much better


the store rep was an idiot, in what has become the norm in dealing with them when not making a purchase.

if you have insurance or still in warranty, verizon cs can replace with a cpo equivalent of the droid x.