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Can I use Droid X in Japan/Taiwan?

I am travelling to Japan and Taiwan for a business trip in a week and will be there for two weeks.  I had used the Verizon Global website to do the "Trip Planner" and entered all of the applicalbe info for my trip and my Droid X phone.  The planner then indicates my phone will not work while there and I should consider securing a "global phone".    I had understood as well that the Droid X can't be used internationally.  I called the Verizon global service center to find out information on possibly using the "loaner" program and the individual I talked to said my phone would work in Japan and Taiwan as long as I activated the "roaming" function and also purchase a International Data Plan.   this was a surprise to me and I asked several time if she was sure it would work and she said yes.  I want to confirm as I don't want to arrive and not have the ability to use the phone.

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Re: Can I use Droid X in Japan/Taiwan?

I have a Droid X as Well and i would have to say with out it having a Sim card as for the Data part of it i would say No) Maybe Wi-Fi  But Wildman has a Droid X and he might Know if it can be used there as for the Voice Part of it.

Wildman can you Chime in on this as i'm Not for Sure Thanks Smiley Happy b33