Can not open messages

I have had my HTC Incredible 2 for 5 months now. All of a sudden today after texting all morning it started not opening my text messages from anyone. I tried deleting texts from other people to clear up space and I still have the problem. I've tried force closing and clearing the data from the settings and still have the problem. I have also tried resetting my phone several times. Is there anything else I can try? I do have it covered in case I need to replace it so if that's what I have to do please let me know.

Re: Can not open messages
Verizon Employee

Hello luckylynx101785,

Text messaging is an important form of communication so I can certainly understand what an inconvenience this must be. I do have a few questions to clarify the issue you’re experiencing. Are you receiving the notifications of your texts? If so, is the touch screen not responding when attempting to open the text? Or are you receiving an error when attempting to view the text? Are you using a third party application? If using a third party application, please remove the application and retest with the pre-installed application on your device.

I recommend you check your current software on your device and make sure the latest software is installed by going to Settings > Software update. If you do have the current software on your device and are still experiencing this difficulty I then recommend a hard reset on your device. Please note this last step will remove all data including Google account, system data, application data, application settings and downloaded applications. Make sure you back up your information prior to performing a hard reset.



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